Technical Name An Anti-Obesity Nanotechnology to Modulate Oil Absorption In Vivo
Project Operator National Health Research Institutes
Project Host 羅履維
Summary This technology is mainly solved the side effects of anti-obesity drug, including soft stoolsoily stools,regulate oil absorptionmetabolism as an additive in food. During the experiment, the curing phenomenon of MSNs/oiloily stool reduction in animal were observed. In conclusion, MSNs can effectively reduce the side effects of Orlistatelevating life quality.
Scientific Breakthrough According to the advantages of drug delivery system MSNs adsorbs oilis removed with excrement from the GI tract through oil curing. The precise mechanism of oil in the curing process is critical for this project. We clarify the mechanism by physicochemical analysisoptical/nuclear imaging system. It’s attractive as a material for effectively reducing the side effects of Orlistatelevating life quali
Industrial Applicability The market of anti-obesity drug has been limited by uncontrollable side effects, such as steatorrheaoily stools. MSNs could function as oil curing agent to adsorbsolidify excess GI tract non-degraded oil. Indeed, minimizingeliminating undesirable side effects constitutes the key to greatly improving Orlistat-type drug market dominanceaccompanying customer satisfaction.
Keyword Obesity Weight-controlling drugs Orlistat Side effects Mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) Oily stool Oil Nanomaterials Lipase inhibitor Live quality
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