Technical Name Ted-ICU AI Platform
Project Operator Taipei Medical University
Project Host 陳瑞杰
Summary Ted-ICU AI Platform: (1)Provide a single view of patients' EMRsvital signs(2)Support remote ICU monitoring (3)Online labeling tool & Expandable AI algorithms repository(4)Disease-specific prediction models(5)Standardized EMR templates
Scientific Breakthrough Ted-ICU AI Platform : (i)Consolidating electronic medical recordsphysiological data (ii)Using AI algorithms to build the disease-specific diagnostic prediction model. (iii)Supporting tele-ICU care model.
Industrial Applicability In the near future, we hope to create a far-reaching healthy ecosystem.Ted-ICU AI Platform:In 2017, the global telemedicine market was valued around US$23 billion . And it's expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.0 over the forecast period to reach US$41.2 billion by 2021.
Keyword Critical care Machine learning Artificial intelligence System evaluation Telehealth Telemedicine Telecare ICU Sepsis Weaning
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