Technical Name Thermoresponsive nanobrush surface enabling continuous harvest of stem cells
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 樋口亞紺
Summary A stem cell continuous harvest method was proposed.In this method, stem cells are partially detached. The remaining cells are continuously cultured by expansion in fresh culture medium.
Scientific Breakthrough We develope thermoresponsive nanobrush that Human ESiPS cells can be detached when decreasing temperature of culture medium. This partial detachment process of stem cells is used for a continuous stem cell harvest system. Stem cells can be continuously harvested in each replaced culture medium on the same dishesmicrocarriers for many cycles due to the partial detachment of stem cells.
Industrial Applicability We develop a prototype bioreactor system enables continuous harvesting of human ESiPS cells via the partial detachment of stem cells cultured on nanosegment-immobilized biomaterials (dishesmicrocarriers), broadening the number of individuals that can perform stem cell culture to hospitalcell bank, university, research institute,industry settings.
Keyword Biomaterials nanobrush continuous harvest bioreactor human embryonic stem cells human induced pluripotent stem cells cardiomyocyte cell bank microcarrier cell culture
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