Technical Name Application of Cyber-Physical Sensing (CPS) 3D Stereo Modeling for Fruit Tree Growth Monitoring
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 歐陽盟
Summary The core technology includes lightweight UAV, heterogeneous sensor integration, obstacle avoidance, group flight automatic flight control, RTK precision positioning systemfruit tree 3D stereo modeling technology. The UAV can be used for 3D scanningspectral information collection. The information can use for fruit tree growth monitoring, nutrient analysis,fruit quality monitoring.
Scientific Breakthrough This project develops a group flying UAV modeling system, which can automatically collect 3D stereo information,combine multi-spectral image to establish fruit tree growth process. Through the self-made RTK precision positioning system,group fly automatic flight control, it can instantlyperiodically position between fruit trees to provide 3Dspectral data for the growth process.
Industrial Applicability The project hopes to establish a Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) 3D modeling for fruit tree growth monitoring, long-term 3D modelingspectral detection,provide fruit tree growth history monitoring services. At present, can use this technology to establish a 3D fruit tree growth process,to use the spectrum to distinguish the fruit sweetnessmoisture content for screeninggrading.
Keyword 3D reconstruction measurement UAV Snap Shot Multi-spectrum UAV Noninvasive spectrum detection Lightweight RTK precision positioning system 3D modeling Heterogeneous integration Wax apple Variety Moisture Sugar Content
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