Technical Name On-chip integrated quantum polarization-entangled optical source
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 陳彥宏
Summary We developed a unique integrated quantum polarization entangled light source, in addition to generating a quantum polarization entangled photon pair, the integrated quantum chip also utilizes a special adiabatic optical light transfer array to integrate the on-chip polarization-dependent spectral splitting via the quantum tunneling effect. The integrated quantum light source provides a stable polarization entangled source for the more quantum applications.
Scientific Breakthrough The integrated quantum polarization-entangled light source was experimentally verified by Australian National University for the ultra-micro quantum polarization state tomography experiments. Combined with a metasurface, the experimental structure is directly integrated into the nm scale metasurface with the cm-long integrated chip, which is greatly reduced experimental scale. This study was published in Science.
Industrial Applicability Due to its superior computing speedtrue parallel processing capability, Quantum Computer greatly improve the crisisrisk prediction accuracy of energy, finance, climate, etc., assist in the construction of absolute safety communicationengage in other astronomical, high-energy physicsmilitary sciencetechnology require large-scale complex computing events, leading the world are activelyheavily invested.
Keyword Quantum light source Quantum key distribution Quantum communication Quantum computer Integrated optics Quantum photonics Quantum entanglement Lithium niobate Optical waveguides Electro-optic modulation
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