Technical Name A genomic marker guided roadmap to treat hepatocellular carcinoma
Project Host 葉昭廷
Summary This is a method for identifying single nucleotide polymorphisms (GALNT14 genotypes) of a target nucleic acid for predicting whether a patient suffering from HCC will respond to combination chemotherapy. Accordingly, physicians can decide whether the HCC patients should receive chemotherapyTACE. This method could also predict prognosis in multiple gastrointestinal cancers.
Scientific Breakthrough We are the first to identify a SNP, rs9679162, whose genotype predicts the response to a 5-FU-based combination chemotherapy in patients with HCC. This site has also been shown to predict the efficacy of TACE in patients with HCC. More interestingly, the genotype is also related to the prognosis of colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, cholangiocarcinomagastric signet ring cell carcinoma.
Industrial Applicability Basing on our finding, we have developed a kit to examine the genotype of rs9679162 in several GI cancers to provide personalizedoptimized anti-cancer treatments. Currently, this method has been successfully transferred to the Department of Laboratory Medicine in Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospitalthe Center has established a self-funded clinical assay. We are now actively promoting it
Keyword Hepatocellular carcinoma GALNT14 single nucleotide polymorphism genotype chemotherapy 5-Florouracil Mitoxantrone Mitoxantrone Nucleic acid Restriction enzyme
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