Technical Name Monolithic hybrid type quantum dots micro-light-emitting diodes for the full-color pixel array
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 郭浩中
Summary A wavelength tunable micro-light-emitting diodes fabricated by the nanometer-level etching technology, the strain-induced engineering can effectively shift the emission wavelength from green to blue. Meanwhile, we introduced the ALD for the passivation layer,the super inkjet printing system used to form the color-conversion layer to emissive red light. Finally, a hybrid type full-color micro-LED has been fabricated with the monolithic epitaxial wafer.
Scientific Breakthrough 1. Monolithic micro-LED RGB full-color pixel array.2. Enhanced photoluminescence intensity by 140 through ALD passivation.3. Quantum dots printing technology with excellent uniformity, ultra-narrow line width ( 2um).4. A wide color gamut determined by the overlap area of NTSCRec. 2020 is approximately 10578 that sufficient to support full-color performance in display technology.
Industrial Applicability 1. Reduced the number of mass transfer, improving the process yieldthroughput by monolithic RGB micro-LED.2. Micro-LED can be widely applied to various type of displaysVLC application.3. Some traditional semiconductor process can be replaced by high precision printing technology.4. Atomic layer deposition is a promising method to improve the performance of III-V semiconductor.
Keyword micro-LED gallium nitride mass transfer quantum dot color-conversion nano structure atomic layer deposition visible light communication wearable devices quantum confined Stark effect
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