Technical Name free5GC: 5th generation mobile core network
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 陳志成
Summary Although there are few open-source core network projects, none of them are conformed to 3GPP Release 15 (R15). The free5GC is the first one in the world based on 3GPP R15. The ultimate goal of free5GC is to implement a full commercial, operational core network including Operation, AdministrationManagement (OAM), orchestrator,network slicing complied with 3GPP R15beyond.
Scientific Breakthrough The free5GC ( is the first open-source 5th generation mobile core network based on the specifications defined by 3GPP.
Industrial Applicability This open-source project is the first 3GPP R15 5G core network in Taiwanthe world. It allows the base-station manufacturer to verify their systemsdevices. Also, it will enable industries to develop future technologies such as AI, 8K HD video transmission, AR/VR,V2X for mobile communications. The most important one is that it enables vertical industries to deploymanage a private network away from mobile operators.
Keyword 5G core network vertical application AI V2X Massive IoT Wireless Networks mobile computing cellular networks vehicular networks open source software
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