Technical Name For food safety: Establish a rapid screeningdetection system for pesticides through high-precision enzyme display technology
Project Operator Academia Sinica
Project Host 趙裕展
Summary We have displayed AChE on insect cell membrane for the detection of OPCB pesticide residue. Compared to GC-MSLC-MS analysis, the cost of our system is much lower with time-saving comparing with conventional biochemical detection method, the enzyme extractionpurification from flies is not necessary in our system. Therefore, this is a fast, accurateeconomical choice for residue screening.
Scientific Breakthrough This technology utilizes displaying high level of AChE on cell surface to replace tedious, laborious,time consuming process of AChE purification from flyother animals for pesticide detection. Purification damages AChE structure, results in partially loss of activitycauses protease degradation. Thus, our precisesensitive system creates a crucial breakthrough for technologyapplications.
Industrial Applicability This is an innovative commercial product, which displays AChE on celldried on plates for convenient storagetransportation. This is a low cost, easy to manipulate system. Since it is a more preciseconsistent system produced by cell without AChE purification, it will be possible to outcompete the current system purifying AChE from flyother animals, for better international marketing.
Keyword acetylcholinesterase baculovirus organophosphates carbamates pesticides fruit fly detection insect cells protein production enzymatic analysis
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