Technical Name Formula Student EV
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 林昭安
Summary We developed our very own battery management system as well as improved the battery infrastructure, ensuring higher voltage as well as better safety we completely redesigned the suspension system, monitoring different dynamic performances via individual shock absorbers we also used the lighterstronger carbon fiber as the material for our wishbones.
Market Potential Analysis 因應未來能源轉型的大趨勢,電動車勢必會成為未來的一大產業。
Industrial Applicability Everywhere in the vehicle market is there a trend of switching from internal combustion cars to electricdriverless cars. However, as in comparison to the more developedsaturated engine cars market, the development of electric vehicles will require more advancedinnovative technology to sustain the management of the entire vehicle.
Keyword Formula SAE Japan National Tsing Hua University NTHU Racing Racing Car Electric Vehicle Formula Student Motor Battery Controller Carbon Fiber
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