Technical Name Water resources energy management, sales systemits pricingsales methods
Project Operator National Chin-Yi University of Technology
Project Host 翁國亮
Summary The water resourcesenergy sales systemits pricingsales method are used to monitor the water resourcesenergy required by the user to use the equipment, which is convenient for users to purchaseinquire,can contact system administrators, construction manufacturersrelated operators to Realize instant delivery of informationprovide good salesrepair services.
Market Potential Analysis "可做到能源集中在地管理及使用,減免能源遠程傳輸損耗,進而達到節能與活用建築物內、外能源之目的者。 以順應自然於地球夜間自然排熱時進行儲能運轉,改善傳統空調使用高能耗、高熱污染的空調體系。在全球高度重視氣候變遷與節能減碳的趨勢中,「投資綠能」與「綠色新政」已成為世界各國的主要經濟策略及施政潮流。期望讓大眾了解「落實能源在地平衡」的重要性,共同努力達成「巴黎協定」的目標,更重要的是「減緩與調適氣候變遷」。本發明為性別友善性高之創作。 本系統目前受到「沙烏地阿拉伯」、「中東地區」及「俄羅斯」等各個國家的環境保護相關單位及各大企業青睞,也期望未來能將「水資源與能量管理、銷售系統及其計價與銷售方法」推廣至全球各地。"
Industrial Applicability The invention is an energy managementsales system designed by a water resourcesenergy management system,a method for pricingselling the same,uses water as a basis for energy conversion,the energy conversion benefit COP is as high as 9.7. It can make the building energy balance in the ground, which is the best energy co
Keyword Water resources and energy management heat island effect billing system off-peak electricity use energy conservation energy storage natural adaptation energy balance energy conversion flood prevention and disaster prevention
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