Technical Name Application of water-retaining materials to promote the growth of red-leaf aglaonema
Project Operator National Pingtung University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 黃倉海
Summary The red-leaf aglaonema were promoted growth of by water-retaining materials. For the growers, the technology can effectively shorten the duration of cultivationpromote the quality of potted flower. Therefore, the technology solves the problems of productionwill have practical application in the industry.
Market Potential Analysis 粗肋草是台灣花卉市場重要的觀葉植物之一,由於紅葉型粗肋草的栽培時間太長,利用此套技術確有明顯提升植株生長及發育之效果,以‘亞曼尼’及‘極光’品種為例,相較於傳統的方式,可以明顯縮短生產期並提升產品品質。在產業應用性上極具有急迫的需求及實用性,栽培業者可以透過此技術,生產更佳品質之產品,減少生產成本及勞力,並提升生產效率。
Industrial Applicability The technology can accelerate the growth of plantshas direct benefits for the improvement quality of red-leaf aglaonema by potted flower growers. The technology has the effect of shortening the cultivation time. Therefore, it can reduce the production cost, save labor,increase the greenhouse turnover rate for growers.
Keyword Aglaonema Water-retaining materials Growth Potted flower Foliage plant Ornamental plant Quality Roots Cultivation Flower marker
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