Technical Name Conversion of water caltrop husk into high-value carbon-based products
Project Operator National Pingtung University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 蔡文田
Summary This product-oriented technology is to utilize water chestnut husk as a starting precursor in the production of activated carbon using physical activation process.The resulting activated carbon is characteristic of its high microporosity, high BET surface areatotal pore volume, which is superior to commercial activated carbon products.
Market Potential Analysis 若將乾基菱角殼100公噸轉化為高比表面積活性碳,以產率15及單價新台幣5-8 千元(超級電容器負極碳材料)計之,可產生約新台幣1億元產值。若應用於食品助劑,以產單價新台幣1.5 千元計之,可產生約新台幣0.225億元產值。
Industrial Applicability Adsorbent, deodorant, food aid, biological support, carrier support, supercapacitor, deodorant, food aid, biological support, carrier support, supercapacitor
Keyword water chestnut husk physical activation activated carbon adsorbent hollow filetr deodorant food aid biological support carrier support supercapacitor
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