Technical Name Safety device for preventing inclined falling during bicycle riding
Project Operator National Chin-Yi University of Technology
Project Host 李國義
Summary When the bicycle is tilted, the anti-dumping support rod moves to the outside of the frame due to gravitycentrifugal force to form a large bottom area,the stability is high. The warning lighthorn of the support rod can prevent the rear vehicle from chasinghave high safety. With the use of the clamping fixture, it can be installed on various types of bicycles to have high market
Market Potential Analysis 本產品可安裝在各種新舊自行車的下管上端鎖固即可,符合自行車市場DIY的需求,是市場需求量很大的產品。
Industrial Applicability This product can be installed at the upper end of the lower tube of various bicycles, which meets the needs of DIY in the bicycle market. It is a product with a large market demand this product has already negotiated with the bicycle company of Giantnegotiated the patent technology licensing contract. Cooperate in the development of anti-dump
Keyword Bicycle preventing inclined falling Safety device during riding frame basal area warning light warning horn safety safety
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