Technical Name Electromagnetic Engineering Surface
Project Operator National Chung Cheng University
Project Host 張盛富
Summary To solve the low transmission ratedisruption caused by the non-line of sightmulti-path transmission in indooroutdoor environment, a special electromagnetic surface is designed to guide the beam to the desired area with multiple reflections.
Market Potential Analysis 波束導引技術中,採用本計畫的反射面鏡搭配佈建方法論的解決方案,相較於傳統的小型基站的佈建方案,佈建成本、消耗功率、以及維護費用,皆相對低廉,在許多佈建案例中的性價比較好。尤其佈建方法論若有效開發,可將反射面板的使用發揮最高效能,預期可以大幅降低佈建成本。以上的環境電波重建,可提供電信營運商另一個可行的佈建形式,提升台灣各個角落的傳輸品質。
Industrial Applicability The construction of future 5G system will cost a lot if thousands of small cell base stations are arranged. The cooperation of electromagnetic surfacesmall cell base station can effectively guide the signal to multiple RF dark zones. It will enhance the efficiency of space usingenergy.
Keyword electromagnetic surface engineering surface millimeter-wave transmission non-light-of-sight (NLOS) transmission blind spot beam guiding electromagnetic wave guiding 5G base station deployment, low cost
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