Project Operator National Sun Yat-sen University
Project Host 林哲信
Summary This multi-sensing system has pH range in 3 – 13temperature resistance of 2 Ω/°C. The conductivity part can clearly distinguish the conductivity of different liquids. This multi-sensor has good stabilitycan be applied to different water bodies in the future,combined with the cloud system, provides a intelligent detection methods.
Market Potential Analysis 目前並無相關產品、已經技術移轉本土上市公司進行衛浴設備整合、可延伸作為唾液、汗液、飲用水、養殖系統及長照單位使用。
Industrial Applicability This sensor has the advantages of wide detection range, rapid measurement, easy storage, low cost, miniaturizationhas a high advantage for the monitoring of different waters such as long-term agricultural water quality,can be combined through the network system in the future. This sensor can be widely used in different fields.
Keyword pH conductivity temperature ISFET EGFET water sensor saliva sensor urine sensor multi-sensor liquid
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