Technical Name Smart Type Temperature Shower Device
Project Operator Kao Yuan University
Project Host 林文傑
Summary As we know, most flowering devices are usually connected with a water pipe. when water goes through the pipeinto the flowering device, we can adjust the type of spray, especially when used for taking a shower. With technology keeping improving, we know that flowering devices have been designed to light
Market Potential Analysis 市場規模大,改善現有衛浴設備,減少水資源浪費。除家用衛浴設備外,一般需要溫度調控處,均可適用。再結合噴嘴細膩輸出,可使用於美容業,按摩肌膚。
Industrial Applicability This patent can show that the temperature has been authorized to entrust China Xiamen Coole Sanitary Equipment Industry Co., Ltd. to open the mold manufacturingproduction trade. At present, it has obtained orders for local market size in Europe.
Keyword temperature display Shower Shower head Beauty Hot Sensing Shampoo Bathroom equipment Bathing Washing hands
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