Technical Name Self-powered fan-type dehumidifier
Project Operator National Taiwan Ocean University
Project Host 李弘彬
Summary The anhydrous calcium chloride absorbs the water contents in the airturns them into liquid water. The liquid water then becomes the electrolyte to initiate the electrochemical reaction of the metal-air fuel cell. The electricity generated from the fuel cell is used to power the ventilation fan inside a wardrobe cabinetcreates its circulation with outside atmosphere.
Market Potential Analysis 改良自金屬空氣燃料電池,顛覆以往科技傳統,將過往常用的製造方式簡化,創造出連續性、低成本、低人力,再造一次人類生活福祉。在發展新興科技產品的同時,也需考量與環境永續,因而環保的需求是非常重要的,所以在材料的使用也將選用環保的且低汙染的材料來達到最佳風扇型免供電力除濕機。
Industrial Applicability The technology can be applied in household cleaning product, environment improvement of residence, smart familygreen environment. The introduction of this technology into dwelling environment can improve the safety, comfort, convenience, intelligencecoziness of living surroundings.
Keyword Metallic fuel cell dehumidifier household living environment continuity, cost human environmental protection pollution fans electric power
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