Technical Name Wafer Level Probing System for Semiconductor Gas Sensor with High Throughput
Project Operator National Applied Research Laboratories
Project Host 陳峰志
Summary This probing equipment is integrated by the opto-mechanical, electricalvacuum systematic technologies to efficiently measure the electric properties of gas sensor chips at wafer level. Therefore, we can identify the functionality of each sensor chip in early phasethen discard the unqualified chips to enhance the production efficiencyproducts competition.
Market Potential Analysis 1. 點測機台的整體效能為市面上現有機台的 30 倍以上。 2. 可適用於多種成分氣體感測器的開發。 3. 在晶圓階段進行晶粒電性量測,可早期篩檢出性能不佳的晶粒。 4. 可大幅加速檢測過程,以提升感測器開發速度,及產品生產效能與競爭力。
Industrial Applicability System equipment can provide the functionalityperformance measurement for wafer-based gas sensors chips. The quality for each chip can be determined before packaging,then the testing period for sensors development can be reduced substantially. Moreover, for production phase of gas sensors, the unqualified chips can be sieved out at wafer
Keyword High-efficiency probing system wafer-based gas sensor linear arrayed probe card automatic optical registration chuck table integrated with a heating device welding bellow gas supply system vacuum chamber system precisely positioning platform system integration for opto-mechanical-electrical
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