Technical Name Filter componentsbandpass filtering circuit of bandpass filter
Project Operator National Changhua University of Education
Project Host 何明華
Summary An equivalent LC model is developed to emulate the filter performanceto accelerate the design procedure. The source-load coupling renders this filter a cross-coupling effect which creates two transmission zeros by the passband edges for the signal selectivity enhancement.
Market Potential Analysis 需要無線通訊或是無線傳送與接收的場合越來越多,未來市場可期。
Industrial Applicability The dual-band BPF based on suspended stripline resonator structures, has the advantages of double-side pattern, excellent EMC performancegood signal selectivity.It can be used as a front-end filter component of a wireless communication system, such as wifiWLAN systems,cellar phone base station.
Keyword PCB RF filter signal selectivity low cost low profile transmission zeros mass production EMC immunity wide bandwidth wide stopband bandwidth
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