Technical Name Locomotive universal strap
Project Host 蔡春恩
Summary A versatile strap product that comprises two main shoulder straps, at the rear of which, four fixation points connect several belts to the main shoulder straps. Among the belts, four elastic belts are attached to the fixation points to secure objects carried. The belts comprise horizontalvertical belts, which are interwoven perpendicularly to form a web.
Market Potential Analysis 本設計對於機車族、甚至時下流行之背包客來說,不但可以改變機車族載物的型態,也可以讓背包客輕鬆使用,尤其近年來交通擁擠,汽車停車位的缺乏,即使有車也常騎機車,因此機車族數量會大幅增加,因此本創作之萬用背帶對於市場需求將是一大助益。
Industrial Applicability The designed versatile strap product features not only its portability, but also its flexibility in object sizes. Such features enable motorcycle riders to carry large objects when they do the shoppingcan be used for people who climb mountains, picnic,attend school courses. The wide applications of the product make it worthy of being promo
Keyword Locomotive Cargo Strap Adjustable elastic band buckleable large, main large, main climber backpacker
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