Technical Name PDI inhibitors for diabetes reversal
Project Operator academia sinica
Project Host 楊文欽
Summary This invention is to apply PDI inhibitors to treatreverse T2D. The invention can be developed into small-molecule drugs. Those are first-in-class drugs for T2D because its novel anti-diabetic mode of action.
Market Potential Analysis 糖尿病目前無法逆轉或治癒。全球糖尿病患者超過4億(台灣約200萬人罹患糖尿病) ,每年全球藥物市場達500億美元。本發明所發展新藥可以逆轉糖尿病,獲得與申請中的專利共3個。以藥物市佔率5計算,本專利之經濟效益可佔25億美元。
Industrial Applicability This invention can be applied to development of first-in-class drugshelp pharmaceutical company upgrade their research capacity.
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