Technical Name A high value-added invention on powdered machining equipment for fish bone/scale
Project Operator Engineering & Technology Promotion Center
Project Host 王貳瑞
Summary This invention targets at value-added increase for fish bone/scale by-products through a series of manufacturing units of steaming, pressure/ temperature,drying. The core design of pressure/temperature in terms of powdered machining equipment consists of a high pressure chamber, heating components, superheated steam,operations experiments as well.
Market Potential Analysis 水產加工過程會產生至少2成甚至超過6成之副產物,處理方式若非低價出售就是丟棄,導致水產加工廠與整個產業競爭力降低。本項開發可以解決副產物加工技術落差問題,原料來源成本低廉,產製的天然鈣質與各種營養元素市場需求龐大,深具發展潛力。
Industrial Applicability The purposes of this invention are to solve fish by-products in terms of discarded bone/scalesto provide calciumnourishments sources by using hydrolyzed procedures. A set of powdered machining equipment is developedthe implementation of the invention in whole can be used to increase the value for aquaculture supply chainenhance
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