Technical Name Deep learning, geomagnetic sensing networkLoRa IoT based automated parking lot management system
Project Operator Engineering & Technology Promotion Center
Project Host 陳嘉勳
Summary In this study, the recipe design, coupling technology, compounding technologyinjection molding integration is the know-how of this project, which can lead to the food containers of high temperature-resistanceimitation ceramic luster.
Market Potential Analysis 完成可耐溫之食品級奈米生質聚乳酸複合材料,經應用在食品容器產品,可取代現行有毒、耐用性差的美耐皿材料製品,另比起未改性食品級PP、PS、PLA等材料製品,可提升其高耐熱、高耐刮、高光澤等附加經濟效益,並相類似於陶瓷材料製品
Industrial Applicability In this study, we can develop the food containers, which have the key targets of good food safety, high product durabilitylow manufacturing costs. Finally, we can obtain a significant superiority in recyclingreusing properties by replacing the conventional melamine products.
Keyword food container bio-nanocomposite PLA FDA grade melamine ceramic luster temperature resistant injection molding compounding recycling and reusing
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