Technical Name High Precision Maskless Lithography System for Advanced IC SubstratesPackaging
Project Operator Engineering & Technology Promotion Center
Project Host 李永春
Summary This project develops a high-precision maskless lithography system consists of digital light processing, microlens / spatial filters arrays,precision servo-controlled motion technologies. Based on this maskless UV lithographic system, we are able to achieve UV patterning of arbitrarycomplicated 2D/3D microstructures for advanced IC substratepackaging.
Market Potential Analysis "l 取代實體光罩製作程序、節省製程時間與成本 l 提高無光罩式UV微影的製程精度、圖形複雜度、與微結構型貌的可變化性 l 數位式的製程模式,可以彈性生產、線上補償、與誤差即時回饋"
Industrial Applicability This maskless UV lithographic technology is particular important for large-area substrate demanding complex patterns with smaller (~10 um) feature sizes. It also has the flexibility for making three dimensional microstructure profiles on planar substrates.
Keyword Maskless Lithography UV Lithography Microstructure Micro-Fabrication Digital Light Processing Digital Micromirror Device Spatial Filters Array Microlens Array Smart Manufacturing FPGA Embedded System
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