Technical Name eHealth Keeper ── Integrated Smart Technology Care System
Project Operator Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital
Project Host 鍾飲文
The Hospital has been investing in rural health care for a long time, providing community intelligence testing equipment on the health care side, providing health care workers to take the measuring equipment with them for real-time measurementdata uploading,providing home physiological measuring equipment, allowing people to take measurements at homeupload the values to the system immediately to achieve personal health management functions. It is hoped that this will reduce the workload of the health center staffprovide interactive health care services to local residents.
Scientific Breakthrough
According to the needs of different areas in the rural areas, we have introduced many smart measurement devices including home, community,medical mobile measurement,pioneered the 5G telemedicine application in the rural areas,the data from the cross-system mediated devices can be automatically returned to the system for data integration. Through feedback from users in different areascross-discipline cooperation, we optimize the interfaceachieve several technical breakthroughs to enhance usersconvenience in the field.
Industrial Applicability
The integrated smart technology care system takes users as the starting point to design a universal system interfacemodules that meet user needsdevelop cross-system medical data exchange formats. Through the collection of big datalearning of high-risk parameters of chronic diseases in the field, we will be able to conduct AI forecasting of chronic diseases to reduce the deteriorationincidence of chronic diseases.
Matching Needs
Keyword Health welfare Integrated care Technology network Smart care service Case management Chronic diseases care Geographic information system (GIS) Telecare Medical services in remote areas Disease management
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