Technical Name 抽象空間建模與虛實融合應用
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 姚智原
Summary \"We propose a system that use the most popular deep learning technology to analyze panorama videoimage to extract the 3D layout of the panorama image to create a virtual scene. This 3D layout structure allows the system to add 3D model to the original panorama video, making it more editablecapable of synthesize virtual objects to the real world of panorama videos.Our system uses the 3D layout to create low-poly mesh with almost the same quality of the real scenery.This allow users to browse the 3D result on website with low latency.\"
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough \"We propose a novel network architecture that contains two encoder-decoder branches to analyze the input panorama in two different projections. Our neural network is an important step towards building an end-to-end architecture, which directly outputs a probability map of the 2D floor plan. This output requires significantly less post-processing to obtain the final 3D room layout than the output of the current state of the art. We compare our method to Layoutnet through a series of qualitative experiments on our Realtor360 data set. The comparison is listed the supplementary attachment.\"
Industrial Applicability Research shows that XR is an important technical issue in a variety of industry not only just in entertainment industry. In terms of current market conditions, instead of using high-poly meshpoint clouds, using low-poly mesh with high-quality texture that stitches the texture from different view is the potential technology. Using deep learning technology can automatically produce these images. Our technology uses the images taken from smart-phone instead of expensive scanners. The system can instantly create the meshtexture. This will be the competitive advantage of our technology.
Matching Needs 天使投資人、策略合作夥伴
Keyword Digital Twin 3D Reconstruction Room Layout Detection Online Exhibition Deep learning Spatial Simulation Cyber-Physical Integration Extended Reality Digital Retail VR House Viewing
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