Technical Name 紡織品柔性電路製程及穿戴聯網技術
Project Operator National Taipei University of Technology
Project Host 芮祥鵬
"The SPC process technology developed by our team has a patented cloth surface treatmentmultiple layers of conductive circuit layers (Layout) without etchingtransfer printing processes. It can not only be continuously automated production (piece to piece), but also Environmental protection, in line with the green trend of cleaner production.
1. E-textiles
2. Twistable
3. Folded (0-180 degree angle)
4. Cleaning
5. Customized"
Scientific Breakthrough
"1. The flexible substrate has no crystallinitycan be twisted,it will not cause poor conductivity, because it has no breaking point.
2. Electronic components are transferred on a printed flexible substrate with a minimum line pitch of 0.4mm.
3. Combined with the Internet of Things: Wearable devices can be combined with chip devices such as Bluetoothwireless Internet."
Industrial Applicability
"1. Widely used in electronic textiles (E-Textile)improve its added value, such as LED light-emitting clothing.
2. It can be combinedexpanded physiological sensing Internet of Things applications."
Matching Needs
Keyword Smart textile LED lighting wearable device flexible circuit process flexible foldable distortable cleanable portable soft
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