Technical Name 跳躍時空:暖化下的颱風淹水災害
Project Operator National ScienceTechnology Center for Disaster Reduction
Project Host 陳永明
"1. Use high-speed computers to simulateestimate the impact of Taiwan on global warming
2. High-resolution scenario simulation to analyze changes in the number of typhoons invading Taiwan under climate changerainfall analysis
3. Calculation of the two-dimensional flooding pattern on the surface to estimate the difference of flooding disasters beforeafter warming"
Scientific Breakthrough
"Simulate the generationmovement path of the western Pacific typhoon that affects Taiwan on a global scale,then analyze the numberintensity of typhoons that will affect Taiwan under future global warmingunderstand the changes in future extreme weather.
Through the simulation of the two-dimensional flooding model, it is possible to infer the possible flooding effects of different typhoon rainfall under the existing topographydrainage conditions,to estimate the possible flooding difference caused by typhoon rainfall beforeafter global warming."
Industrial Applicability
The analysis of Taiwanese typhoon rainfall under global warming allows the industry to plan early disaster preventionreduction strategies to face the threat of extreme weatherdisasters under climate change,serves as an important reference data for the disaster risk level of the BCM. In the climate risk disclosure, various industries are provided to assess the risks of extreme weather under future climate changes.
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Keyword Climate change Extreme weather Disaster Rainfall Flooded
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