Technical Name 利用慣性感測元件直接從行走表面進行身份辨識
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 李昀儒
During the pandemic, it is necessary to reduce contactwear masks, but identification is still required. The original technology includes the development of inertial measurement units beneath the walking surface, real-time detection of gait,accurate predictions of gait parameters with machine learning models. Most importantly, our technology can use a small number of samples (only one footstep data) for identifications. Non-contact, non-monitoring,rapid identification are going to be the future applications in smart buildings/homes.
Scientific Breakthrough
"1.	The first to conduct inertial measurement units for gait detection on walking surfaces.
2.	Only one footstep is required,a sample size of less than one second is needed for identification.
3.	Received the patent: Gait recognition systemgait recognition method"
Industrial Applicability
Our technology can quickly deploy a load-bearing surface containing sensors like a puzzle floor mat. It can increasedecrease the number of mats according to different fields, environments,situation requirements. If it is for access control, only one piece is required to achieve identity recognition. A large amount of deployment in the space can track the behavior trajectory. Not only to smart buildings, but our technology can also employ long-term monitoring of changes in walking status for precision medicine. It can build the users' digital twin databasesend the timely warning.
Matching Needs
Keyword Biosignatures Access Control Identifcation Authentication Smart Buiding Gait Recognition Motion Analysis Biomechanics Interial Measurement Units Feature Extraction Gait Database
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