Technical Name 人工智慧自動化優質細胞選取精進平台
Project Host 邱士華
Summary Induced pluripotent stem cells are a promising new technology in translation medicine,AI technology is an automaticpowerful platform that can help identify cell images with unique characteristics, predictprovide information about cell types, differentiation stages, cell quality,normal Or disease-specific feature information. The combination of this induced pluripotent stem cell differentiation platformAI-based artificial intelligence image analysis technology will have great benefits for future cell product applications.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough In recent years, medical research related to AI technology has developed vigorously, using AI system for medical diagnosisauxiliary medical treatment to achieve rapid diagnosis, improve interpretation efficiencyprognosis. Ophthalmology-related images are complexdiverse,there are a lot of information required for interpretation. AI technology is combined with medical images to develop an ophthalmic diagnosis medical platform. Integrate the Internet of Thingscloud technologies to build a telemedicine platformpromote benefits such as data analysis.
Industrial Applicability \"Our team brings together interdisciplinary expertise in iPSC technology, bioengineering, deep learning algorithms, medical imagingbioinformatics. We use AI-based artificial intelligence image analysis technology to predict iPSC differentiation. This cross-domain results are used to optimize the high-quality monitoringscreening of cell products, which will accelerate the optimizationapplication of cell products to the cell therapy product market. Promote the development of Taiwan's regenerative medicine industryemerging biotechnology.\"
Matching Needs 天使投資人、策略合作夥伴
Keyword Artificial intelligence Stem Cell automation Gene expression Deep-learning model Translation Medicine Differentiation
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