Technical Name 新方法製備3S, 3’S蝦紅素及其衍生物應用受損組織修復以及對抗轉移性癌症
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 王惠民
"1. New method to prepare (3S, 3’S)astaxanthin, with high yield, high stabilityharmless to organism
2. The method has variety of biological activities anti-oxidation, anti-agingpromote damage tissue repair
3. It has anti-cancer potential, especially effective against metastatic cancer cells
4. Applied as Multifunctional medical supplies, functional foods, functional drinks, cosmeticsmaintenance products"
Scientific Breakthrough
"1. The yield of (3S, 3’S) astaxanthinlutein prepared by the new method is much higher than the previous method,it is the highest yield known in the current literature
2. The (3S, 3’S) astaxanthin prepared by this method is non-toxic in cell experimentsanimal experiments
3. The (3S, 3’S) astaxanthin has the effect of repairing damaged tissues, especially the repair effect of skin damaged by ultraviolet light
4. The (3S, 3’S) astaxanthin has the potential to develop into multifunctional medical supplies, functional foods, functional drinks, cosmeticsmaintenance products, etc"
Industrial Applicability
"1. Medical products for repair after surgery
2. Multiple functional food ingredients
3. Functional beverages
4. Cosmetic developments
5. Skin care raw materials
6. Potential oral anti-melanoma drugs"
Matching Needs
Keyword Astaxanthin antioxidant melanoma cancer anticancer drugs natural products anti-inflammatory biosynthesis tissue repair wound healing skin whitening
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