Technical Name 當代病毒防衛技術平台:SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM 快篩試劑
Project Operator National Sun Yat-sen University
Project Host 楊閎蔚
SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM rapid test has high detection sensitivity, which can provide rapid detection of early COVID-19 infection. This SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM rapid test can detect whether there are IgM antibodies produced in the early stage of infection (within 7 days of symptoms onset) with one drop of the specimen (serumfingertip blood) in 15 minutes by naked eyes compared with LFIA antibody rapid test. It is worth noting that the SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM rapid test can accurately detect the patients with positive infection within 7 days of the onset of symptoms compared with LFIA.
Scientific Breakthrough
"1.	The detection sensitivity of the SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM rapid test with nanotechnology is thousands of times higher than that of the current LFIA rapid test,the detection limit can reach 10 pg/mL, which will be used for early detection of infected persons.
2.	Significantly shorten the time required for ELISA testing,the test results can be obtained within 15 minutes.
3.	The kit includes various functions such as storage, protection, sample waste collection,cleaning process standardization, reducing the chance of cross-infection."
Industrial Applicability
SeraParma™ COVID-19 IgM rapid screening reagent is easy to operate, high sensitivity,short test time (15 minutes). Most people can complete the test by themselves. After obtaining the TFDA EUA, it can be sold in the Taiwan marketcooperate with airlines, medical institutions,enterprises to monitor infections to avoid the spread of infectionscause an economic decline in the industry. It can also be sold in Southeast Asian markets where there are many infected peoplea lack of medical protection.
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