Technical Name 微流道繞射晶片搭配雷射系統高速準確計數全血中循環腫瘤細胞/細菌
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 陳建光
A microfluidic diffraction device is developed for determination of CTC/bacteria from human whole blood with a home-constructed laser beam system. We design the optical structuretransfer the structure to transparent plastic substrate. The plastic diffraction die is modified with antibodies of the target to combine a fluidic system as a microfluidic diffraction chip. When human whole blood with CTCs/bacteria flows through the chip, the number of cells/bacteria can be obtained directly with label-free. The devices has been applied in clinical diagnosis of oesophagealendometrial cancer.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
In general, CTCs/bacteria in human whole blood are captured with antibody-modified magnetic beadsstained to count the numbers. Design of diffraction devices are based on the optical structures, dependent on the shape of the cellsbacteria, that can exhibit the diffraction spectra in our home-constructed laser beam system. Linear relationships between CTCs/bacteria numberschange of diffraction intensities are established as calibration curves. The diffraction devices can be used to count the CTCs/bacteria number precisely, which has been confirmed the efficacy with clinical trials.
Industrial Applicability
Our platform includes a disposable microfluidic diffraction chipsa handy laser system, benefited to the business model. The laser beampump system can send to hospital for freesell the plastic chips that can be mass production to reduce the cost significantly. After prospective clinical trials of various kinds of cancers, hospital can charge for the CTCs detections to evaluate the chemotherapy efficacy for cancer patients. In addition, our platform has been also used to detect Yersinia pestis. The sensitivity of our platform is 1000 times higher than that of a commercial product.
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Keyword Microfluidic diffractive chips Circulating Tumor Cell Yersinia pestis laser and pump system Detection from human whole blood clinical trials Cancer cell culture grating
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