Technical Name 風光浪複合綠能高壓空氣應用能源系統
Project Operator National Pingtung University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 徐子圭
Summary A tanker ship is driven by the wind, solarwaves,can automatically collect FuelMethanol from the airseawater, while using a clean Zinc Fuel Cell as the driving force. The Application of the high-pressure airshock wave interaction are the key point. There are 12 patents10 journal papers for the studies.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough This technology is applied to the power system of a tanker ship as an example. An innovative system design that can collectt energy from wind energy, solar energywave energy can convert sea waterair into dieselmethanol. The CP value of the wind energy system can reach 0.51 through experimental tests the output of seawater desalination components has increased by 50 compared with the current equipment the carbon dioxide extraction system is an innovative design for high-pressure gas applications, which helps reduce global warming Problem.
Industrial Applicability An innovative system that uses tanker ships to collect energy from wind, sunwaves. Carbon dioxide extracted from the air reacts with the electrolyzed hydrogen of sea water. The application of ocean wave energy generates high-pressure air shock waves to generate diethyl ether (diesel)methanol. While sailing with clean zinc-burning batteries, a 500-ton empty tanker set sail from Taiwantraveled backforth in Antarctica for half a year. It can be fully loaded with dieselmethanol to return. It can be said to be the promise of modern green energy technology. Asia's Ark.
Matching Needs 天使投資人、策略合作夥伴
Keyword Energy Collector Clean Power Wind Energy Solar Energy Wave Energy Methanol Ethylene Diether Zinc-Air Fuel Cell Water Decomposition Desalination
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