Technical Name 智慧型積層製造架構
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center
Project Host 鄭芳田
Summary The IAMA system with Automatic Virtual Metrology (AVM) technology can enable a 3D printing laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) machine to achieve the world's first innovative capability of online layer-to-layer quality predictionfeedback control, which improves the final product quality such as tensile strengthsurface roughnessrealize the goal of nearly Zero Defects of all products.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough The IAMA system offers both optimized parameters based on different metal powders timely layer-by-layer quality evaluation by AVM according to the melt-poolpowder-coating features obtained by coaxialoverview cameras. IAMA can make recoatinglaser polishing decisions in seconds to timely re-process the current layer for ensuring the quality. By integrating IAMA into an LPBF machine, the tensile strengththe surface roughness of the final products can be significantly improvedreaching the goal of nearly Zero Defects in all products.
Industrial Applicability The IAMA system stands out from the other competitive products based on the advanced functions (as shown in Figure 1) include layer-by-layer surface roughness prediction, layer-to-layer powder bed control,layer-to-layer laser polishing control. IAMA can make recoatinglaser polishing decisions in seconds to re-process the current layer if necessary for ensuring the quality so as to achieve the goal of nearly Zero-Defects of all the products.
Matching Needs 1.欲媒合之產業領域:資訊與通訊、材料化工、機械與系統。2.欲媒合項目:技術合作、技術轉移、生產製造、投資合作。
Keyword Intelligent Additive Manufacturing Architecture Layer-to-Layer Powder Bed Control Layer-to-Layer Laser Polishing Control Layer-to-Layer Control Automatic Virtual Metrology (AVM) Additive Manufacturing (AM) Simulator Intelligent Compensator (IC) In-Situ Metrology (ISM) Ex-Situ Metrology (ESM) Powder Layer Quality Monitoring
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