Technical Name 結合肉眼可辨識與電化學定量檢測之可攜式銅離子感測技術
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials (Hi-GEM) Research Center
Project Host 陳嘉勻
The technology combines specific visual recognitionelectrochemical quantitative detection in a single portable device, providing instantconvenient copper ion detection. The sensing sensitivity has reached the standards of Taiwanthe United States for heavy metal detection for food, human body,environments. In use, this portableuser-friendly interface device not only makes it simple to report back to the EPA database for water quality analysis, but also it can be utilized for real-time detection from youngsters to the elderly.
Scientific Breakthrough
"This technology creates an integrated device for instant visual identification detectiondifferential pulse voltammetry quantitative analysis, providing a simple, rapid,accurate detection of copper ions. The involved technological breakthroughs are listed below:
1. It possesses high specificitycolor contrast for visually recognizing the copper-ion concentration (0.64~6.4 mg/L in use).
2. It allows the portable electrochemical quantitative comparison, which can reach both domesticforeign standards of human, foodenvironmental sensing (~0.03 mg/L) in 1-3 minutes."
Industrial Applicability
We develop the portable detection device by integrating the opticalelectrochemical analysis, which solves the limitations arising from pre-processing of water detectiondifficulties of numerical conversionquantification in the existing methods. The period required from detectionanalysis is greatly reduced within 1-3 minutes. Compared with traditional spectralenergy related analysis, our established portable devices possess the advantages of conveniency, accuratereal-time analysis,friendly interface for utilization.
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Keyword Instant detection of copper ions visual sensing electrochemical analysis wireless transport portable technology sensitivity water resource reliability LSPR metal ions
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