Technical Name 智慧穿戴式孕婦照護與警示裝置
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 杜翌群
Innovative wearable monitoring device for pregnant women can record the signals of contractions, fetal movement,fetal heart rate in real time. With AI intelligent classificationsequential analysis technology, it can link the difficult-to-classify GTC signal patterns with the possibility of fetal distress Finally, the position, sizeduration of fetal movement are further estimated to provide accurate follow-up clinical analysis. It allows pregnant women to monitor the relevant physiological parameters at any time at home to avoid the troublesworries caused by the risk of nosocomial infection of pregnant women.
Scientific Breakthrough
"1. Intelligent monitoring technologydevice design that can accurately measure pregnant women's fetal movement, fetal heart ratecontractions at the same time.
2. AI intelligent classificationsequential analysis methods link the difficult-to-classify GTC signal patterns with the possibility of fetal distress.
3. The system can further estimate the position, size,duration of fetal movement, providing a more accurate basis for subsequent clinical analysis of fetal activity
4. Complete two IRB human experiments with actual system verification (validation) results"
Industrial Applicability
"1. In the future of post-epidemic era, under the shadow of variantsunknown viruses, improving the safety of pregnant women before giving birthreducing the risk of premature birth are urgent issues in clinical care.
2. Compared with the products currently on the market, this technology has more complete sensing parametersAI prediction capabilities, supported by clinical database,has strong competitiveness.
3. Two clinical tests have been completed in domestic medical institutions,the feasibility of commercialization is high."
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Keyword Nosocomial infection AI smart classification Sequential analysis method GTC signal Fetal distress Fetal movement Fetal heart rate Contractions Wearable devices Wearable devices
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