Technical Name 自主式水下無人載具光學與聲學系統之創新技術開發
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 林宇銜 Lin, Yu-Hsien
Summary This technology integrates acoustic-optical sensing calculationrecognition information,uses hydrophones to estimate the state of dynamic targetsvisually recognizelocate the dynamic target for vehicle motion control. The fusion acoustic-optical sensing architecture can be used according to the target statecharacteristics. By calculatingadapting to the environmenttarget state characteristics, the exploration tasks will be performed.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough \"1. Real-time acquisition of soundlight information underwater for identification, providing unique advantages in tasks that cannot be pre-calibrated. 2. Acquiring the soundlight information in the underwater environment, which is implemented to construct a close-to-real underwater environmental model for complete numerical analysis.3. Tracking objects with special sound ripples for close observationexploration, for example, regular weapons inspections in sea areasreconstruction of migration paths of cetaceansdolphins.\"
Industrial Applicability This technology creates multiple industrial applications, including carrierinstitutional industries, softfirmware algorithm industries (image recognition, acoustic positioning, control system integration), academic research institutions (numerical simulation analysis, R&D of new materials ), system verification agency (integrated functional testing, navigation endurance,diving depth, etc.). The main market applications of AUV are maritime defense, offshoreharbor structure preservation, energy explorationpipeline monitoring, ocean surveyingmapping, etc.
Matching Needs 天使投資人、策略合作夥伴
Keyword Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Image-based Navigation System Image-based Guidance System Deep Learning Visual Navigation System Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
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