Technical Name 具吸收與釋放活性成分的新型載藥隱形眼鏡:從藥物到保健品
Project Operator Feng Chia University
Project Host 賴俊峰
The novel drug-eluting contact lens is a great substitute for traditional eye drops, which are plagued by problems, such as low drug administration efficiency, discomfort,repeated dosing. Drugs can stay on the eyeball for a sufficient period of time. Patients can have access to treatment in an appropriate state at any time. With these advantages, the novel drug-eluting contact lens is expected to become a new method for the treatment of ophthalmic diseasesfor the recovery of patients after ophthalmic surgery. It has broad application prospects in the treatment of ophthalmic diseases.
Scientific Breakthrough
The novel drug-eluting contact lens technology, in which active ingredients (medicinenutrient) are loadedslowly released, aims to improve the use of eye drops for the treatment of eye diseases. The technology is innovative, because the contact lenses carry out the loadingreleasing of active molecules through "dendritic mesoporous silica nanoparticles (DMS-NPs)," thereby forming a drug/medical material composite product. At present, no work with the same conceptfunction as our patent invention has been published in international scientific journals.
Industrial Applicability
The global ophthalmology medical industry has four major fields. One of these fields is the therapeutic drug field, to which we apply our technology.  The "novel drug-eluting contact lens" can be classified as a Drug Device Combination Product. By releasing the drug actively, the drug/medical material composite product can effectively reduce the burden on the patient, thereby achieving the best therapeutic effect. Our "novel drug-eluting contact lens" technology can stablycontinuously release eye disease treatment drugsprovide solutions for the controltreatment of eye diseases.
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