Technical Name The Development of Lead-Free Piezoelectric MEMS Triaxial Accelerometer System for Safety Monitoring of Unmanned Vehicles
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 朱聖緣
Summary \"The team established material doping technology to greatly improve the piezoelectric properties of lead-free materials,successfully prepared MEMS lead-free triaxial piezoelectric accelerometers. The use of lead-free materials is the world's first development result. In addition, the team also integrated sensors, back-end circuitsuser interfaces, applied the acceleration gauge system to the safety monitoring of unmanned vehicles,successfully integrated the intelligent integrated sensingcontrol system required in the Internet of Things era.\"
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough Our team has broken through the piezoelectric properties of the existing material ZnOintegrated with the MEMS process. We has successfully developed the world's first MEMS lead-free piezoelectric triaxial accelerometer,continues to integrate the upstream \"piezoelectric material synthesisaccelerometer production\", midstream \"accelerometer circuitmodule design\"downstream \"user platform system development\" to independently develop a set of IoT systems to accelerate the world The sensor field has opened up a new path.
Industrial Applicability 考量到全球環保意識抬頭,對於含鉛產品的規範趨於嚴格,像是歐盟的RoHS危害性物質限制法規等,未來含鉛相關產品未來將逐漸淘汰,無鉛產品將成為未來市場主流。本團隊已開發的MEMS無鉛壓電加速規,其擁有體積小、質量輕以及可由晶片異質整合技術與CMOS製程等優點,目前已可應於於無人載具等振動環境感測。
Matching Needs 天使投資人、策略合作夥伴
Keyword MEMS Lead-free Piezoelectric 3-axis accelerometer Low power consumption Environmentally friendly IoT Transimped-ance amplifier SAR ADC ZnO
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