Technical Name EditCell Virology Platform
Project Operator Research Center for Emerging Viral Infections
Project Host 施信如
Summary 1. Identification of host factor, which is required for virus replication, by “EditCell Virology Platform”.2. The host factor will be as a target to develop antivirals.3. The antiviral effects of the candidates can be validated in vitro and in vivo.4. Two FDA-approved drugs are repurposed for COVID-19 treatment.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough There are still many viruses treat to human, but no effective antivirals against them. The “EditCell Virology Platform” can be used to screen the important factors involved in virus replication, and then these factors can serve as targets for antiviral development. Furthermore, we can verify the antiviral effects of the candidates in vitro and in vivo to identify effective antivirals against viruses. Based on our previous studies, we have successfully determined two FDA-approved drugs can reduce viral load of SARS-CoV-2. Now, we are seeking collaborations with pharmaceutical company for clinical trials.
Industrial Applicability The development of antiviral is important for human to fight virus infection, and it is also closely related to global economy. Moreover, the rising number of COVID-19 deaths caused by SARS-CoV-2 around the world. COVID-19 pandemics is not only a threat to human lives, but also global economy. Therefore, the research and development of antivirals are important for application of biomedical or pharmaceutical industries and clinical treatment in the future.
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