Technical Name Bio-inspired sweat collection for health monitoring during physical activity
Project Operator Nation Taiwan University
Project Host 廖英志
Summary A wearable sweat sensing device is developed for health monitoring during exercises to prevent illness caused by fluid losses. By biomimetic designchoosing material with high permeability, the sweat collector possesses high sweat collection efficiency, rapid transportlow response time. Inside the channel, salt concentrationsweat rate is deduced by electric property analysis. Finally
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough Concerning sweat collection, it is limited by low amountdemand in real-time monitoring. Inspired by the fractal network widely seen in nature, we design a collector possessing high collection efficiency (90), low flow resistance, low dead time (2 mins compared to 10 mins in literatures),flow velocity which is twice of that in conventional paper microfluidics. Thus, the time resolution f
Industrial Applicability The core technique of device is sweat collector, which is made of special fabric designed for sports. It could be a cooperation subject with textile industry, which is well developed in Taiwan. By applying fabric with better properties in draining sweat, water transport ability,single process knitting, the sweat sensing device could be directly incorporated with sports apparels. Addition work
Keyword sweat monitoring sweat collection wearable device point of care biomimetic textile hydration status sports injury prevention fractal dimension wireless transmission
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