Technical Name Continuous Monitoring of the CloudRain from Geostationary Satellite
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 劉千義
Summary This technology is developed and controlled by the National CentralUniversity, Central Weather Bureau and Academic Sinica. The processingsystem is housed at NCU and technical support is served in Taiwan to theglobal. The data is acquired and preprocessed by CWB, and followed bythe invention of the cloud properties retrieval algorithm package by NCU.The final retrieval algorithm package is evaluated and enhanced by thelocal observation from Academic Sinica. Therefore, the processing systemcan be assured for its performance and reliability. This state-of-the-arttechnology has been recognized and approved by AGU JGR-Atmospheres,the leading journal in Q1 level of the related research community by the anonymous peer reviewing in June 2020.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough This retrieval package has the breakthrough technology that applied onthe satellite observation in geostationary orbit. The retrieval package caninfer the cloud microphysical and optical properties from the multichannelreflectance and brightness temperatures from visible to inferredbands. This is first time in Taiwan that could retrieve and estimate theclouds from satellite observation, along with the data quality control andassurance from local-adaptive enhancement and improvement in theprocessing system. The result had been evaluated and verified in multipleresources including both active and passive sensors onboard multiplepolar-orbiting satellites, radiosonde, and ground-based active lidar.Therefore, the scientific data are assured for its performance andreliability.
Industrial Applicability The monitoring of the high-impact weather is an important service forindustry for the government. Therefore, the 24-7-365 surveillance of theatmospheric condition from geostationary satellite becomes the mostuseful technique to archive this goal, in particular under the scenario ofglobal change and increased vulnerability due to extreme weather.Among the factors that related to high-impact weather, cloud plays animportant role that link to heavy rainfall, low cloud ceiling, atmosphericconvection initiation and etc. These cause the strong influence in airport,harbor management. As a result, our technology help weather agencyand related authorities for the advanced application and service.
Keyword geostationary satellite Himawari-8 cloud microphysical properties cloud optical thickness cloud celling cloud-top altitude cloud-top temperature cloud ice/liquid water path cloud droplet radius cloud ice/liquid phase
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