Technical Name First-in-class anti-diabetic drug, PS1
Project Operator Academia Sinica
Project Host 楊文欽
Summary Diabetes is now still an incurable disease. Beta cell failure is one of common causes. No drugs for this failure have been developed. This invention is to developapply PS1 to treatreverse diabetes. PS1 is a first-in-class small-molecule drug, which targets beta cells by improving their survivalfunction. As a result, PS1 can treatreverse diabetes. The anti-diabetic mechanism of
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough We identified a novel anti-diabetic protein target in beta cells. This protein negatively regulates beta cell pathogenesisdiabetes. On the other hand, PS1, an inhibitor of this target, can treatreverse diabetes via maintenance of beta cell massfunction involving oxidative stress. PS1 is a first-in-class small-molecule drug with unique anti-diabetic mechanism. PS1 also has both acade
Industrial Applicability Diabetes is a disease implicated in different pathways in several organs. Despite tens of anti-diabetic drugs, diabetes is still incurable. PS1 is a small molecule drug that maintains beta cell survivalfunction. It can be used to treatcure patients with slightmodest diabetes alonein combination with other drugs. Compared to GLP1/DDP inhibitors, PS1 is a first-in-class drug that
Keyword Diabetes Beta cells Disease reversal PS1 First-in-class anti-diabetic drug Small-molecule drug Longevity Longevity Survival Functional improvement
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