Technical Name Self-healable, Self-powered, Stretchable,Transparent Electronic Skin (human-device interfaces)Nanogenerator
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 賴盈至
Summary Image that your cell phone can be self-poweredable to self-healing after damagerobots in Sci-fi movie have self-poweredself-healable skins. Here, we present the first energy-harvesting triboelectric artificial skin that is entirely, intrinsically,autonomously self-healablesimultaneously highly transparentextraordinarily stretchableable to drive via self-generating
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough The first energy-harvesting human-device interface that is entirely, intrinsically,autonomously self-healable, self-poweredsimultaneously highly transparentextraordinarily stretchable is developed. The healing time (2 min for repairing its function 30m for 100 healing efficiency at 900 strain 8 hr for repairing its appearance), transparency (88.6),stretchability (1000)
Industrial Applicability The first energy-harvesting artificial skin that is entirely, intrinsically,autonomously self-healable, self-powered,simultaneously highly transparentextraordinarily stretchable not only can serves as an untethered power source for personal/remote electronics but also be used as elegant human-device interface that combine all desired attributes. The unprecedented energy-harvesting s
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Keyword Self-healing self-powered transparent stretchable human-device interfaces nanogenerators electronic skins self-repairing triboelectric nanogenerator touch panel
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