Technical Name Heterocyclic compounds and use thereof
Project Operator National Health Research Institutes
Project Host 翁紹華、葉修華
Summary In this technology, a series of potent MOR/NOP agonists has been developed, which demonstrated potent antinociception in tail flick and cancer pain mouse models with fewer side-effects in respiratory suppression, heart rate decreasing, and constipation models than morphine.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough 1. A first-in-calss pain-killer with low adverse-effects.2. A MOR/NOP dual and biased-agonist, which possesses a new mode-of-action.3. A series of patentable small molecules with novel structural scaffold.
Industrial Applicability A fast painkiller -The onset time of this drug is within ten minutes after subcutaneous injection.Low addiction -The NOP activation of this drug reduces addiction.Slight affecting in the digestive system - This drug did not cause constipation.High level of safety -This drug caused low and short-term effects on lung and heart function.
Keyword safe low adverse-effects quick-acting addiction pain killer heart function inhibition opioid receptor morphine constipation respiratory depression
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