Technical Name Vehicle LiDAR using CMOS Single-photon Detectors
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 林聖廸
This project is used for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)automatic driving. At present, our project will use a more sensitive CMOS single photon detector array to reduce the number of photons required for detection to less than ten, in order to break through the cost barriers of applications of LiDARestablish low-cost, high-performance LiDAR modules. 
Scientific Breakthrough
By using single-photon avalanche diodes in CMOS technology, we dramatically reduce needed laser powertotal cost of a LiDAR module. At present, the technology breakthrough includes, (1) a high dynamic-range reset circuit for strong sunlight environment (2) a scheme for anti-interference between LiDAR modules in multiple LiDAR scenario (3) an electrically-driven surface emitting laser array.
Industrial Applicability
At present, the main application areas include automatic driving, telemetry, factory automation, robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, disaster preventionsurveillance purposes for social infrastructure such as railwaystunnels. LiDAR also has the opportunity to introduce applications in automated home appliances (eg, house-keeping robots)expand the overall application market for LiDAR.
Keyword LiDAR CMOS technology image processing time-to-digital converter single-photon avalanche diode sensor fusion quenching circuit semiconductor lasers LiDAR LiDAR
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