Technical Name High-ThroughputSmart Platforms with Bio-Physiology-Marker Panels for Parkinson’s Disease Progression
Project Operator Chang Gung University
Project Host 賴朝松
Within 10 years, Taiwan will become a super senior society with the proportions in silver hairs of more than 20. Thus, a high-throughputsmart platform with bio-physiology-marker panels is developed for PD progression by combining the bio-medicalphysical sensors, SPRsmart circuit design, leading to a new UPDRS for a more accurateearly diagnosis of a physician.
Scientific Breakthrough
A smart sensing technology by collecting bio-physiology-markers is established to quantize the UPDRSdigitize the movement for precisely diagnosis PD stage, the progressionthe effects of medicine. In addition, a novel bio-sensing transistorSPR is applied to detect the bio-markers in plasma to achieve the early diagnosispreventive medicine for the clinical application.
Industrial Applicability
The smart sensing technology can be applied for the precise medicinedigitized medicine of the early diagnosisprogression evaluation in various aging diseases such as PD, especially the technologies with IC designmanufacturing. It can be applied in IC, photonic, delicate machine, machineryfabrication, bio-technology,electronic industry, etc. 
Keyword aging disease physiology-marker wearable physiological sensor bio-sensing transistor driver chip design Parkinson's disease bio-marker surface plasmon resonance smart sensing system readout chip design
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