Technical Name Photon Generation in Magic School
Project Operator National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Project Host 詹智全
Summary NSRRC, which is one of the worldwide top magnet related design teams, is capable of the magnetic field simulation, mechanism designmagnetic field measurement. Related technologies include electromagnet technology, permanent magnet technology, vacuum technology, low temperature technologysuperconductivity technology.
Scientific Breakthrough Undulator (U100), elliptical polarization undulator (EPU56)3 sets of 3.2T superconducting wiggler magnets (IASW) are homemadeare operating in Taiwan Light Source (TLS). 3.5T superconducting magnet is homemadeis installedrunning in Thailand Light Source. 2 sets of EPU48 are homemadeare operating in Taiwan Light Source (TPS)
Industrial Applicability Magnets are widely used in our life, for example, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provides better medical diagnosisprovides a powerful detection tool for brain science. The high temperature superconducting magnet, which is advantageous of high magnetic fieldexemption from the use of liquid helium, is one of the options for future MRI magnet development.
Keyword Magnet Electromagnet Permanent Magnet Cryostat Superconducing Magnet MRI
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